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Good Fun and Bad Math at Port Credit Pubs

17 March 2023

It was at a recent get-together with friends at The Brogue Irish Pub that I saw an old licence plate on display on a post with what appeared to be some really bad math. On this licence plate is engraved “26+6=1”. I could have put some effort, at the time, into figuring out what that meant but since I was at The Brogue for some “craic”, I quickly put an end to any furthering thinking, and got back to my Guinness. (When I got home that evening, my calculator assured me that the correct answer is 32; not 1.)

International Women's Day: Celebrating Joyce May Firman

08 March 2023

Joyce May Firman was the first female letter carrier in Ontario and Canada’s first female long-term letter carrier who carved a path for women letter carriers in Canada. Back in 1967, the all-male carriers estimated she wouldn't last two weeks and they were going to the Letter Carriers' Union of Canada to do something about this woman in their midst.

Port Credit’s Intersections Reveal its Poetic Past

24 February 2023

In the last article I talked about some of the street names in Port Credit, and what we can learn about the village’s history from those names. This time, let’s move out from the village centre to discover what the street signs in east-end Port Credit tell us about the past.

Heritage Week 2023: On the Streets of Port Credit

21 February 2023

Heritage Week (February 20 to 26, 2023) provides a wonderful opportunity for individuals and communities to reflect on their contributions to Ontario, how heritage is conserved, promoted, and commemorated, and how they might shape the future. Port Credit is rich in history and heritage, much of our history remains in the names of the streets that flow through Port Credit.

Port Credit Connections to Black History in Mississauga

01 February 2023

February 1, 2023 marks the beginning of Black History Month which provides an opportunity for Canadians to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements, culture, and heritage of Black and Afro-descendant communities. Port Credit has a rich and diverse history which has many connections to early black settlement in historic Mississauga.

A Memorial to A.R. Clarke, and to Port Credit’s Charm

08 December 2022

For one hundred years the fate of the village of Port Credit has been decided under the 25-foot tall ceiling of Clarke Hall. From 1941 to 1973, Port Credit’s own elected government worked from this Lakeshore Road landmark; keeping an eye on the community’s progress and prosperity. So who is this “Clarke” guy that the hall is named after?

Remembering Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Thomas Thomson

11 November 2022

What would you have done? It’s 1917, and it’s the darkest days of war in Europe. Canadians have just pushed through a German stronghold at Vimy Ridge and are riding a patriotic wave. But on the downward slope of Vimy, facing the enemy, the victorious soldiers of Canada’s four divisions know that the worst is ahead. The Allied advance after Vimy will also be a German retreat, and the Kaiser will make the Allies pay dearly for every mile they march toward the German border.

Treaties Recognition Week

07 November 2022

The City of Mississauga is connected to five treaties signed between The Crown and the Indigenous Mississaugas between 1805 and 1820: Provisional Agreement 13-A, Treaty 14, Treaty 19, Treaty 22 and Treaty 23. Today, we explore these treaties and their connection to Port Credit.